NAFFCO® National Fire Fighting Manufacturing Company Limited (NAFFCO®-ISO9001 CERTIFIED MANUFACTURER) is a leading manufacturer in the Middle East producing and distributing advanced fire fighting, fire protecting and fire detection systems since 8 years.

NAFFCO® is a member of British Standard Institution (BSI), National Fire Protection Association NFPA), National Safety Council (NSC), American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA), Fire Extinguishing Trades Association, (FETA) and Fire Protection Association (FPA) which give us access to be abreast with the latest technology, rules, regulations and codes.

Products Manufacturing

  1.  C02 Fire Extinguishers (Portable and Trolloy from 2lbs up to 45kg).

  2.  Liquefied C02 Gas with purity 99.9%.

  3.  Dry Powder/Foam/Water/Hallotron Fire Extinguishers (Portable and Trolley).

  4.  Fire Cabinets (Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Mirror finish).

  5.  Hose Reels complete with 3/4” and 1" Hose in special design.

  6.  Fire Pump sets in complete range and Water Booster Pump sets.

  7.  Accessories and Spare Parts for Fire Extinguishers.

Distributors for

  1. Sprinkler Systems.

  2. Fire tender and monitors of prominent companies.

  3. Automatic/Manual Halon and Co2 extinguishing system.

  4. Automatic fire hydrant and high & medium velocity water based systems.

  5. Automatic fixed foam and dry chemical powder system.

  6. Fire vehicles trailers, portable fire pump, rescue vans and hose lorries.

  7. Breathing apparatus of high reliability, fire proximity suits and fire entry suits, oxygen filling machines, cooling jackets and other safety equipments.

  8. Fire Hose Synthetic 1.5" and 2.5" with 23 Meter and 30 Meter length.

  9. Safety Equipments.

  10. All type of Filling Machines for C02, Dry Powder and Clean Agent refilling Machine.


Abu Amer Services within this field cover the following:
Supplying all types of fire extinguishers; ABC dry powder, Carbon Dioxide, water type, foam extinguishers, automatic ABC extinguishers, and kitchen dry agent suppression systems.

  • Supply and installation of stand pipe systems, hydrant systems, and all accessories.

  • Supply and installation of automatic water spray & sprinkler systems.

  • Supply and installation of automatic foam spray systems.

  • Supply and installation of gas suppression systems like; Carbon dioxide, FM-200.

  • Supply and installation of specialized fire fighting pump sets to drive the various types of water fire fighting systems.

  • After sales and maintenance services for the equipment mentioned previously ranging from refilling and testing fire extinguishers up to inspection and maintenance procedures for all life safe.


For more information about NAFFCO products visit the website  http://www.NAFFCO.com